Message from the President

Welcome to Winebrenner Seminary! I’m so glad you’ve visited our website. I hope you’re finding it as welcoming and inviting as WTS is. We’re here to invite you to come participate in one of God’s great works.

We at WTS know God is mightily involved in our lives today. We watch as he’s calling men and women to himself and the privilege of growing to look more like Jesus every day. That’s undoubtedly the highlight of a WTS education. We come as we are and, while we’re learning to minister to others, God ministers incredibly to us. What a privilege to be transformed by him in such a welcoming and loving community!

I can’t invite you to WTS without thinking of my own call to vocational ministry many years ago. I loved teaching math and science to middle school kids, but I knew God was calling me to prepare to teach the Word of God to his children. It was a decision that few family members supported, but I knew it was God’s call for my life.

I still remember the jitters I had wondering if I could make it in a graduate program. But that wasn’t even an issue. Once I started attending classes, God put such a hunger and joy in my heart for his Word that I knew I was right where God had been preparing me all my life to be. Students today tell me that the professors and staff are so passionate about the subjects and the joy of ministry that they willingly invest themselves in each student needing a traveling companion.

I wouldn’t trade my years as a student at WTS for anything. It was those years that taught me a great deal about my Father in heaven. I could write pages about my concerns over financial matters as a student: needing tires for my car; unexpected, hefty medical expenses; costs of traveling 300-400 miles a week; tuition and books; living expenses for a growing family; and no prospect of help. But God graciously used WTS’ financial aid program and a number of other amazing ways to provide every one of my family’s needs. I now know God used those student years as a training program for my deepening trust in him. What incredible provision God gave me throughout my education.

Yes, we at WTS are so pleased you’ve stopped by our website. We invite you to do even better by stopping by 950 N. Main St., Findlay, Ohio, and meeting this great school in person. You owe it to yourself to check out what God’s doing on behalf of those he’s calling. Let him make that a personal invitation and investment in you.

Oh, do you recall that I mentioned that I came to WTS as a student whose family wasn’t very supportive? God gave me courage to follow his leading, despite their hesitancy. And those attitudes have all changed! While I was preparing for ministry, God was changing their hearts. Every one of them became very supportive of my call to WTS and ministry. What an incredible God. He used my years at Winebrenner as a transforming time for me and them, too.

Welcome to Winebrenner Seminary! I’m so glad you’ve visited our website—and I encourage you to visit our school. You’ll find us waiting with open arms to help you in the transition of following your Lord Jesus Christ in ministry. We’re inviting you to come participate in one of God’s greatest works.

With you in the journey,

David Draper

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