Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Program Director:  Dr. Louis Stulman, Professor of Religious Studies at The University of Findlay

Designed to help students discover and discern the Christian faith, the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies program provides a quality, foundational Christian education.   Through coursework and classroom interaction students will explore the Bible, examine Christian ethics, develop leadership skills, and cultivate an attitude of care and counseling as they prepare for ministry, or other areas of Christian service.

The broad curriculum of the B.A.R.S. program makes it ideal for both younger students and non-traditional learners.  Younger students that have identified a calling will appreciate the sense of community and the opportunity to explore the many different areas of Christian service.  Non-traditional learners, already in ministry or preparing for ministry, will value the opportunity expand their knowledge and strengthen their theological foundation.


The Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies is a four year, 124-credit program that strives to develop students spiritually, intellectually, professionally, personally and emotionally.  A unique partnership between The University of Findlay and Winebrenner Theological Seminary, this program blends a comprehensive liberal arts education with formational ministry training.

As part of this collaborative degree program students will register for classes through The University of Findlay, but will receive classroom instruction from professors from both institutions.  The bachelor of arts diploma will be awarded by The University of Findlay.

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The curriculum of the B.A.R.S. is made up of the following course load :

  • Religion courses
  • Competency Requirements in the areas of: Communications, Computer Science, English, and Wellness
  • General Education requirements in the areas of: Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Religious Studies or Philosophy.
  • Electives

* Students enrolled in the B.A.R.S. program have the opportunity to pick up a minor in another area of interest as well.

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