Master of Arts (Theological Studies)

Dr. Brandon Withrow, Director

The Master of Arts (Theological Studies) program is a flexible academic degree for students interested in integrating faith with learning and seeking to prepare themselves for doctoral level study.  Designed to educate students on the theological disciplines of the Bible, theology, church history, and spirituality, the M.A.(T.S.) degree is a 60-hour program that can be completed in two years of full-time study, or in three or more years of part-time study.

Through coursework students will outline and implement their own spiritual growth plan and learn to relate theological study to the life of the church.  They will examine the world's perception of the Christian life based on biblical, theological, historical, and contemporary culture events. Students will explore Christian and church history and learn how the early Church has influenced and shaped the Church of today.

There are four concentrations offered for this program: Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, History of Christianity, and Christian Spirituality.


The program requires the completion of 60 credit hours that consist of the following:

  • Seven general education courses (Interpreting the Bible, Ministerial Person, Survey of the History of Christianity, Worldviews, Perspectives, and Christianity, Theology I, Theology II, Spiritual Formation)
  • Two Courses in Old and New Testament Foundations
  • One orientation course in the Foundations of Theological Education
  • Five Theological Summits
  • Three trimesters of Supervised Ministry
  • Six hours of thesis work
  • Six courses in an area of concentration

M.A.T.S. with concentration in Biblical Studies

  • Language (Greek or Hebrew) Grammar
  • Language Exegesis
  • One Old Testament course
  • One New Testament course
  • Christian Ethics
  • Introduction to Philosophy for Theological Studies

M.A.T.S. with concentration in Theological Studies

  • Christian Ethics
  • World Religions
  • Theology in the Context of History
  • Introduction to Philosophy for Theological Studies
  • Two additional Theology or Church History Courses

M.A.T.S. with concentration in the History of Christianity

  • World Religions
  • Introduction to Philosophy for Theological Studies
  • Special Topics in Ancient Christianity
  • Medieval and Reformation Spiritualities
  • Globalization of Modern Christianity
  • One additional Theology or Church History Course

M.A.T.S. with concentration in Religious Studies

  • World Religions
  • Theories and Interpretation in Religion
  • The Abrahamic Religions in Conversation
  • Eastern Traditions and Christianity in Conversation
  • One additional Church History Course
  • One additional course in Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, or Independent Research

Some common career paths for M.A.(T.S.) students are:

  • Religion teacher at a secondary school level
  • Preparation for Doctoral level study


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