Master of Arts in Family Ministry

Dr. Gwen Ebner, Director

The Master of Arts in Family Ministry program teaches students how to connect with people and explores the dynamics and foundations of today's family systems.  Students will examine human sexuality, research ethical and moral living, develop crisis intervention skills, and learn the fundamentals of effective counseling.  As they explore the facets of counseling, students will build reflective listening and responding skills, explore the ethics and structure of pastoral counseling, as well as examine the different types that they may be faced with as a leader: pre-maritial, marriage, grief, depression, and crisis situations. Students will also explore their own relationship with God and the health of their spiritual life and identify areas for continued growth and reflection.



The Master of Arts in Family Ministry (M.A.F.M.) is a 60-hour degree program with an emphasis in formational care and counseling.  This degree can be completed in two years of full-time study, or in three or four years of part-time study.


The M.A.F.M. program is made up of the following:

  • Six courses in the area of concentration
  • Five Christian Ministry courses
  • Six courses related to Bible, Church History and Theology
  • One trimester of supervised ministry
How can I use my Family Ministry degree?

The M.A.F.M. program is designed to equip men and women for a variety of ministry opportunities, or other roles that may require working closely with families, teens, children, small groups, or seniors. Some common career paths for M.A.F.M. majors are:

  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Staff Ministry - Children, Youth, Adults, or Small Groups
  • Lay Ministry
  • Outreach Ministries (such as Youth for Christ, Campus Life, or any type of shelter missions)
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