Dr. C. George Fry

Dr. George Fry currently serves as Professor, English Bible and Church History at Winebrenner Theological Seminary, Findlay, Ohio . A sixth generation Ohioan, Dr. Fry was born in Piqua, raised in Greenville, educated in Columbus, and now resides in the historic Ted Lewis House in downtown Circleville. During his ministry Dr. Fry has served as a parish minister (inner city, suburban, rural, and university contexts), a university chaplain, a bishop, a missionary, and as a Christian educator in colleges and seminaries in the United States, Mexico, Iran, Canada, Nigeria, Venezuela, Singapore, and, most recently, Antigua. He is married to Amy Moy Choo Euw, a native of Singapore, and they have a grown daughter and two grand-daughters in Columbus, Ohio and three sons and three grandchildren in Singapore.

His undergraduate education was at Capital University (BA), his graduate education at the Ohio State University (MA, Ph.D.), Trinity Seminary (BD, MDiv) and Winebrenner Theological Seminary (DMin). Recently he has been awarded several honorary doctorates, including a D.Litt. in view of his many publications and a DD in view of his service to the Church Universal. His passions are nineteenth century American Church History, world missions (and world religions, especially Islam), and teaching the Bible cross-culturally.

A born ecumenist, Dr. Fry admits that “nothing Christian is alien to me.” For three years he was part of the International Lutheran-Baptist Dialogue, then the Lutheran-Evangelical Dialogue, as well as Lutheran-Jewish Dialogue. While in the Middle East he engaged in Christian-Muslim Dialogues in Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. As one both ecumenical and evangelical, Dr. Fry has been guest theologian with the Presbyterian Church in Mexico, the Evangelical Church in Iran, and the Anglican Church both in England and in Southeast Asia. While teaching, Fry has served as Interim Minister in Congregational, Community, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Episcopal Churches – both in the US and overseas.

Dr. Fry has been a visiting Professor at Wheaton College, Huntington College, Tung Ling Bible College, Indiana University, Brock University, Reformed Bible College, Magister University (Antiqua), and Damavand College (Iran).

Currently Dr. Fry and his wife Amy serve two small churches in Appalachia on the weekends. His hobbies including painting, hiking, genealogy, and he is a long-time cat fancier (Russian Blues). Dr. Fry is active in many social and patriotic organizations, serving as Chaplain General, The General Society of the War of 1812 and Chaplain, the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

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