Advent, from the Latin adventus, is a word that means "coming" and is a season of hope and expectation of the coming of Christ at Christmas.  Advent is a time of reflection where we remember how the people of Israel waited for the coming Messiah and how we continue to wait for his return.  Join us this Advent season as WTS faculty, staff, and alumni reflect on the anticipation of the coming Christ and the joy he brings!

Dr. Dave Draper, President of WTS, shares reflections on Christmas from Luke 2.
The Fourth Week of Advent

Dr. Gwen Ebner, Professor of Christian Ministries at WTS, shares Advent reflections based on Titus 3:4-7.
The Third Week of Advent

Pastor Lance Finely, Director of Youth and Family Ministries, for the Churches of God, General Conference, shares Advent reflections based on Isaiah 11:1-10.
The Second Week of Advent

Prof. Joel Cocklin, Vice President for Academic Advancement at WTS, shares Advent reflections from Isaiah 40:1-11.
The First Week of Advent

Dr. Joe Carney, Pastor of the Wharton Church of God, shares Advent reflections from James 5:7-10.

Next week, Prof. Joel Cocklin shares reflections from Isaiah 40.
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