CGGC History and Polity

IS 587 (IN 355) Churches of God History and Polity is required of all students preparing for ministry in the Churches of God, General Conference.

Course Description:

Students demonstrate understanding of the history of the Churches of God, General Conference. They analyze the origins, doctrinal developments, major trends, and contributions of key leaders of the denomination. Students also study the polity and the distinctive doctrines in the life of the Churches of God, General Conference. They define church polity, describe the nature and importance of the ordinances, and identify available denominational resources.

2016 Locations:

Findlay (WTS Campus) - May 9-12

Enrollment Options:

Students who are taking this course and are not interested in graduate credit should complete the History and Polity Application Form and submit it along with the $30 application fee.  Tuition and fees for this course will be $640.

Students interested in earning graduate credit (available for students attending the Findlay session only) should complete the standard Graduate Application for Admission. Tuition and fees for students earning graduate credit may vary.  Contact the Business Office for details.

Please contact the Admissions Office (1-800-992-4987, with any questions.

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