Perhaps you have a problem in your ministry context that requires more evaluation than is immediately available to you. Maybe you have been aware of a persistent problem in other ministry settings that just never seems to get resolved. You think you may have an answer. Your own involvement and experience must surely influence any solution but you realize that you need more. You decide to do a thorough research project. At the outset how do you approach your research and writing?  

 According to Nancy Jean Vyhmeister in Your Guide to Writing Quality Research Papers: For Students of Religion and Theology, and Kate L. Turabian in A Manual for Writers of Research Paper, Theses, and Dissertations,  research requires a way of thinking that differs from a subjective (how I see it) approach to writing. Research writing requires:

·        Objectivity (Vhymeister 57-58)

·        Focus (Vhymeister 58; Turabian 51)

·        Clearly set-forth presuppositions (Vhymeister 58-59)

·        Logical organization (Vhymeister 60; Turabian 67-68)

·        Intellectual honesty (Vhymeister 60-61; Turabian 73-81)

·        Humility (57)

In your opinion, which of the above presents the most difficult challenge to achieving objectivity when writing from a subjective experience?