Kathryn Helleman

Kathryn Helleman serves as Assistant Academic Dean, Director of Assessment and Instructor in Christian Ethics at Winebrenner Theological Seminary located in Findlay, Ohio .   Kathryn received her DMin from Winebrenner Theological Seminary in 2015, an MDiv from Winebrenner Theological Seminary in 2006 and an undergraduate degree, BA in English, from the University of Waterloo in Ontario. Kathryn’s areas of study include best practices in online theological education.

Kathryn is an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ and has training in Intentional Interim Ministry.

Kathryn enjoys the outdoors, gardening, good coffee and conversation.  She is a lifelong learner with a love of words that translates into writing poetry and reading across a broad spectrum of interests.  Kathryn has been married to Arnold Helleman for the past 31 years and together they have two adult daughters both of whom reside in the Toledo area.

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