Pastor Jim Davison

James R(obert) “Jim” Davison was the firstborn of Robert and Rachael Davison , a young preacher and his wife, on November 28, 1954, in Columbus, Ohio . He has a younger brother and a baby sister. While his father pursued pastoral ministries in Tennessee, Ontario, Ohio and Pennsylvania , Jim lived and worshipped in each of these areas.

Jim graduated magna cum laude from high school in Washington Pennsylvania in 1972, and immediately enrolled in a small liberal arts college in Henderson Tennessee where he pursued an A.A. and then a B.A. degree in Bible, graduating summa cum laude in 1976. He worked in youth ministry in Rock Island Illinois from 1976-1977, then in full-time pastoral ministries in Rochester Indiana (1977-1987), Mount Sterling Kentucky (1987-1990), and finally Findlay Ohio (1990-1993). This was followed by a commitment to an ongoing rescue ministry with the homeless in Findlay from 1994 until the present.

Jim married the former Linda S(usan) Russell on May 28, 1994, and his children now number three from a former marriage (Bill, Andy, and Amanda), along with three stepchildren (Brian, Aaron and Jennifer), and three grandchildren: Aaron Paul, Alex, and Autumn. All the children are working and four are married. His older son Bill holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami in Ohio.

In addition to his pastoral work, Jim has been actively involved in evangelistic campaigns from to Mississippi, and served as counselor, teacher, director and trustee for Christian youth camps in Indiana and Ohio . He has been a substitute teacher in the public schools as well as served on boards for community education and for Christian service. He has served as president of the board for the Hancock Christian Clearing House, a local relief organization. He also has been involved in a music ministry, and along with his parents and younger brother Mark produced two albums of Christian music in the late 1970s, some of which he composed.

Teaching, however, has always been the passion of Jim’s ministry. At every opportunity Jim was either teaching in an established ministry or creating extracurricular classes in the churches he served to further the knowledge of the Lord and His Word. In 1978 he taught for a year as assistant professor in the Indiana School of Biblical Studies in Monticello Indiana before the school closed. As well as teaching Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes in his congregations, Jim consistently offered an additional night during the week for more classes, anything from New Testament Greek to Intertestamental History to a Survey of the Old Testament to Teacher Training to a variety of textual studies in New Testament books. Jim is finishing his Master of Arts in Theological Studies this year at Winebrenner Seminary, where his wife Linda is also a student. Over the past seven years, he has taught six courses in the Pastoral Epistles and six in New Testament Greek Grammar, all to beginning Master’s level students. In addition, for two years Jim has worked as assistant to Dr. Leslie Lightner in Winebrenner’s Ministry in Context program, monitoring the field education of the seminary’s students.

At some point in the future Jim would like to do more writing. To date he has written books on Millenial Studies and Hebrew Grammar, along with several brief exegetical studies in both the Old and New Testaments, which he self-published, and has plans for another on Rescue Ministry. He has also assisted WTS Old Testament Chair Gary Staats in the local publication of five or six volumes of a Beginner’s Inductive Hebrew Grammar.

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