Master of Arts in Practical Theology

Prof. Joel Cocklin, Director

The Master of Arts in Practical Theology (M.A.P.T.) is a four-year, 60 hour program that is designed to deliver theological education in a cohort-based learning environment. Using the first "cohort" of the church - The Twelve - as the primary education model, the MAPT trains students to lead the people of God in Christian discipleship, character, and practice. 

Integrating distance education and classroom instruction, the MAPT, allows students to remain resident within their local ministry settings.  Students complete 30 credit hours (one half of the program) via weeklong intensive learning on the WTS campus, or at a contiguous retreat center and the remaining 30 credit hours can be completed through a combination of:

  • Distance learning
  • Online (via the Blackboard Learning SystemTM or blog-based format)
  • Correspondence (via lecture notes and/or recorded media)
  • Supervised ministry (theological summits or equivalent contextualized experience)
  • Independent research/study (advanced research projects)

Students may choose an area of concentration that best fits their calling, giftedness, and career goals. The MAPT offers four areas of concentration in which students complete four, 3-credit courses (12 credits). The four areas of concentration offered are:

  • Biblical Studies (Pentateuch, Synoptic Gospels, Prophets, & Gospel of John)
  • Counseling (Pastoral Care & Counseling, Family Foundations & Dynamics, Crisis Intervention in the Family, and Marital Counseling)
  • Leadership (Character of a Leader, Christian Leadership, Leadership Competencies, and LEadership Practicum)
  • Pastoral Ministry (Discipleship Ministries, Pastoral Care & Counseling, Homiletics and Christian Worship, plus a recommended elective in Christian Leadership)

For more information on the MAPT (formerly MACD) curriculum click here.

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